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Co-operating With CRUK

Thanks to advances in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment, Cancer Research UK has helped avoid more than one million deaths in the UK since the mid-1980s. Read about Cancer Research's Milestones in that regard HERE

Progress like that doesn't come easy. CRUK needs as much support as it can get.

HERAC CIC co-operates with Cancer Research UK (CRUK) to use Community Initiatives, which include the GBr.Community network of Community sites for different parts of the UK, to support CRUK.

This Community site for the community surrounding Crystal Palace park, is such an initiative. as part of the GBr.Community Network. Crystal Palace Park is a large park in south-east London, and is listed on the Register of Historic Parks and Gardens. It was laid out in the 1850s as a pleasure ground, centred around the re-location of The Crystal Palace.

The Founder of HERAC is Alfred Samuels. He was diagnosed with advanced metastatic prostate cancer in 2012 and given 6 months to live. He survived due to his participation in the Stampede drug trial, funded by CRUK, for whom he is now an ambassador. See Cancer Research UK's feature on Alfred's Story HERE

HERAC CIC helps to Educate And Raise Awareness of Cancer.

(THE BELOW CHANGES FROM SITE TO BUT LEAVE AS THEY ARE ON THE INDIVIDUAL SITES) Other Community Organizations for help and support include:

Using Instant Messaging (IM) for Marketing.

Information For Merchants And Advertisers

This site will provide an Instant Messaging (IM) resource in the community it serves.

Instant Message Marketing is rapidly becoming accepted as a viable communications tool and process. It’s faster than e-mail.

Merchants and Advertisers can easily send instant messages to individual customers or a group. Instant Messaging provides tools that allow you to automate, sort and reply messages quickly in compliance with GDPR. More details on request

Many Potential customers prefer to communicate via Instant messaging as opposed to email or SMS