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  • Facility 1, 271 Berkshire Road
  • 6058 Forrestfield
  • Western Australia
  • Part of the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme

    For Perth Trade Opportunities for Buyers and Sellers, access Buyers or Sellers through one of the B2B Marketplaces listed below. After concluding a transaction, come back and use the Digital Trade Features at Perth.Trade, to access a local infrastructure to execute agreed Transactions, in a faster and more secure manner.

  • Brexit.Trade
  • Tradekey Australia
  • Provision Of Infrastructure For Trade Digitization

    The Logistics and Fulfilment Services Provider for Perth .Trade is DSV Perth whose details are above, who will provide services To Facilitate Trade Digitization . Each transaction will be treated on a case by case basis, but a general scenario is one as detailed below:

    1. Buyer sees the offer and agrees to buy

    2. Buyer makes the order and the trade invoice is generated and digitally signed by the seller

    3. Buyer makes payment or provides a Digital letter of credit reflecting the contractual terms. But seller does not receive the payment as it is held in the smart contract

    4. Within a set amount of time, seller puts the product in the warehouse. If the products are not put in the warehouse within that period of time, the payment is returned to the buyer by the smart contract, or the letter of credit lapses

    5. Warehouse issues a warehouse receipt

    6. The goods are then allocated to a locations within the warehouse

    7. The Warehouse Receipt is Digitally Signed by the Warehouse

    8. The certification is Digitally signed by the certifier(s) where relevant to include the certification is Signed by the warehouse.

    9. All Digital signatures come from a specified email address we give out to users the signatures can be authenticated in a number of ways. Such authentication includes recording and tracking the IP addresses

    10. Once all the Digital Signatures above have been effected, this has the effect of putting the order through

    11. Notification is sent to the smart contract where Prepayment has been made or to the Buyers bank where it has issued a letter of credit, for checking all is in order

    12. The order is concluded, and the warehouse is notified to dispatch to the buyer